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A Look Into The Future Of Podiatry With Dr. Lance Reeves

Nestled in the heart of Franklin, Cool Springs Foot Care was opened by Dr. Lance Reeves in response to the gaps he found in traditional podiatry care.

Born in the sun-soaked town of Visalia, California, Lance took an interest in medicine at a young age when he witnessed his brother undergo flat foot reconstructive surgery.“I was just really impressed by how the physician interacted with my family,” said Reeves.

This encounter with compassionate care ignited Lance’s dream to create a healthcare environment where patients are not just another case, but a cherished member of a medical family.

During his surgical residency in Lima, Ohio, he took notice of the different ways physicians practiced podiatry, which led him to realize that the care that he witnessed his brother receive was a rarity in the current medical environment.

The decision to move to Franklin wasn't just a location change; it was a deliberate choice to be closer to family. As life unfolded, Dr. Reeves, along with his expectant wife (third child), found themselves weaving the threads of destiny that led them to this warm and welcoming community.

Dr. Reeves stumbled upon a volume-based practice and saw an opportunity to redefine the doctor-patient relationship. Inspired by colleagues with hybrid concierge practices, he dreamt of a space where personalized attention was not a luxury but the standard. The realization struck him, so he opened a practice that prioritizes 1:1 patient experiences that yield not only better outcomes, but greater patient satisfaction.

Dr. Reeves discovered pathologies that proved challenging within the confines of insurance-based models. Undeterred, he carved new pathways, ensuring better patient outcomes by sidestepping the traditional pressures of insurance-based practices.

“Most of the time, the patient will have a better outcome if you get straight to the source vs make them jump through a lot of insurance hoops,” Dr. Reeves says.

With a commitment to excellence, Dr. Reeves delves deeply into the realm of minimally invasive surgery. These procedures can be done the same day in the office, allowing the patient to walk out with a renewed sense of well-being. This is the promise of Dr. Reeves' practice – a fusion of advanced techniques and compassionate care.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Dr. Reeves employs state-of-the-art therapies such as laser therapy for pain and inflammation, shock wave therapy for chronic heel pain like plantar fasciitis, and Swift Wart Therapy – a revolutionary approach using microwaves to treat warts, providing a gentle alternative to freezing and cutting.

Providing patients with individualized care has given Dr. Reeves joy knowing that his original goal with medicine has been accomplished and will be carried out throughout the community of Franklin during his tenure.

He invites you to experience podiatry where every step is taken with precision, compassion, and a commitment to the patient journey.

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