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Olive(Left) and Petey(Right)

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For Petey’s Sake

How a pet owner improved her best friends’ quality of life through proper nutrition

Article by Shay Brase

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

Siblings Petey and Olive are Staffordshire terrier mixes who love to spend their days in the Colorado sun, hiking or playing fetch with their best friend and human, Sharon Hodge. Petey is a loyal and distinguished gentleman, while Olive is a social butterfly who enjoys modeling new outfits that she wears to keep her skin safe from sun exposure. Sharon has always wanted what was best for her furry sidekicks, and has faced some difficult health challenges along the way.

You see, both Petey and Olive are cancer survivors, and both have severe allergy problems. Sharon spent years trying different medications and short lived solutions for Petey, her first fur baby, and his allergies, but nothing seemed to alleviate the strain it put on his health. She felt even more hopeless watching his happy demeanor dwindle and overall personality shadowed by his sickness.

The love that Sharon had for Petey motivated her to educate herself and seek the help she needed to restore her best friend’s quality of life. She knew that there had to be answers and solutions, and was determined to find them.

By fate, Sharon came across a mobile pet store that was knowledgeable about what they were going through, and provided both a beacon of hope for Petey’s cancer and so many answers that she had been seeking. They provided individualized care, and helped Petey find a new food- the only kibble he could completely digest, which also eliminated his allergies. Victory!

Today Olive and Petey are living their best lives, in spite of their history of allergies and cancer. Sharon credits this happy ending to Pet Wants, the company who shed light on an unknown time for her and her pups. 

Due to Sharon's experience, she decided to dedicate the next chapter in her life to helping others figure out the best solutions for their own pets’ nutritional needs. Pet Wants Broomfield is fresh, nutritious pet food made with the best ingredients possible and delivered to your doorstep. So you might see Olive riding shotgun, with her head out of the window on your next delivery. If you see her, be sure to give her a wave!

Pet Food Myths

  1. Myth: All pet food was created equal. Truth: Avoid products with corn, soy, wheat, by-products or rawhide, and these are not good for digestive health.

  2. Myth: You know what is in your pet’s food. Truth: Pet food is not regulated like human food. Harmful fillers are often added that may lead to serious health issues. 

  3. Myth: My pet isn’t food motivated. Truth: Likely, they are bored or have a sensitivity. Rotating proper food formulas can help keep their interest and add extra nutrients.

  4. Myth: Pet treats are junk food. Truth: This depends on the treat. Choose all natural and single ingredient options for health benefits that might not be included in their food. 

  • Sharon Hodge-Owner of Pet Wants Broomfield
  • Olive(Left) and Petey(Right)

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