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For the Love of Art

Rio Lobo Studios

Dennis Broockerd of Rio Lobo Studios has always loved art. He enjoys looking at art, he enjoys learning about art, and most of all he loves creating art.

"There is something special about having an idea, developing a pleasing design, and having the craftsmanship to complete a work that others like," he says.

Dennis is an award-winning woodcarver of more than 45 years. In 2012 he shifted gears to pursue two-dimensional art. He works on detailed drawings in graphite and colored pencil. He is also accomplished with watercolors and oils. Over time he realized that acrylic painting is his preferred medium. Most of his artwork uses vibrant, exaggerated color with hard edges. Some have described it as pop art.

"I enjoy using colors that complement each other so that the eye mixes them. Acrylic dries quickly, making it difficult to blend easily, but I like to work on one picture at a time, so acrylic works best for me."

Dennis likes painting old cars because they have more character than the cookie cutter cars of today. He grew up with cowboys and Indians as his heroes and that experience comes out in his work. He also enjoys painting pets, cows, horses and other farm animals.

"I believe everybody has certain talents. Some have a talent for music, others are good at gardening. God loaned me an artistic ability. That said, to be good at anything you have to put in the work. I paint at least 12 hours a week. Practice, practice, practice,"Dennis says.

When asked about what he considers his favorite piece of art he replies, "I don't know because I haven't made it yet."

Dennis is a member of Images Art Gallery, 7320 W. 80th Street in Overland Park, and the Senior Arts Council. To see more of his work, visit his website at Contact him at