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For the Love of Toys

Super Zoom Bang Bang in Arvada

Article by Allison Bankston

Photography by Rachel Audette, The Turquoise Camera

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

The name, itself, makes people want to peek inside. Super Zoom Bang Bang opened in 2017, and owner Scott Spears says the business has grown steadily. Scott says overall, shopping seems to be going in the direction of the farmers’ markets, with the Arvada community caring about local businesses and helping them thrive. 

Scott and his wife, Lisa, own five area businesses each with a pinpointed focus. Their first business was Scrumptious–a specialty ice cream and candy shop in Arvada. “The neighborhoods around there had lots of kids,” he says, “We wanted to expand and make it an entertainment area for all ages.” They have a second Scrumptious location now in Longmont. 

Then came School House Kitchen and Libations with an emphasis on whiskies and mouth-watering, house-made dishes. “Sock.” is simply, wonderfully a sock store, with more than a thousand square feet of socks. “Our second year, people were so into it they were going through our inventory boxes before we could even get things on the shelves.” 

So RADish is a vegan restaurant where most dishes can be served gluten-free. It includes a bar and has an arcade in the back called Secret Level. Finally, Super Zoom Bang Bang is an old-school toy store with a modern feel, inspired by Scott’s childhood. The name is a nod to the owners’ two sons. “I remember it was really special to go to a toy store, and our store brings back great feelings of being a kid and being so excited to see everything.” 

The store sells unique Lego sets you won’t find in big box locations. Scott says their 3D puzzles and games are popular, and adults love them, too. Super Zoom Bang Bang is open seven days a week 11 AM to 8 PM Sunday through Thursday. “We stay open till 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, so we get an adult, evening crowd often buying things for themselves. It tends to be busy after happy hour and around dinnertime.” 

Olde Town is constantly growing, and Scott says it's crucial the community continues to support local stores. “I was born in Arvada, and I want to keep investing in Arvada.”  All five of their businesses are part of a broad family approach involving Scott and Lisa as well as Scott’s parents who assist with everything from the books to working the counters some days. 

Supply issues are still a challenge. “Almost every business is feeling it. Our suppliers just don’t always have the inventory.” Scott recommends local shoppers buy what they want when they see it, because a week from now inventory may be different. 

Lisa and Scott set out to change things in Arvada and improve them, one store at a time. Scott says he opens businesses featuring the things he loves, and the community loves all the concepts, too. “It’s all about bringing people together and creating a feeling of joy.” 

This season, bring out your inner child and experience Super Zoom Bang Bang at 7505 Unit A on Grandville Avenue in Arvada, as well as Scott and Lisa’s other cool businesses. One thing is for sure: you will have a wonderful time!

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