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Forever Grateful

Newlyweds Kasi and Chuck Wicks Share Their Love Story

It's easy to be around Kasi and Chuck Wicks. They're kind and fun and madly in love with each other. In short, they're contagious. When Chuck talks about how they were drawn to each other, you can't help but smile.

"I knew of her as the really pretty, curly blonde-headed girl. I would always see her at industry events. I was like, 'Who is that girl?' So I started flirting with her on Instagram. And once we started dating, it was 'go' from day one. We were pretty much inseparable."

The couple married last July in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

"Seeing him for the first time walking down the aisle was an emotion I've never felt," Kasi says. "I really tried to hold it together."

Chuck has his own favorite memory of their wedding day.

"She was breathtaking. I was overcome with emotion. I lost it."

But they weren't the only ones.

"The other unexpected part that I will never forget was my 8-year-old daughter. She got so emotional when we were saying our vows. Her being so little, I didn't realize it would impact her in that way," Kasi says.

Now that they've been married for a few months, what are the plans for their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple?

"For the first time in 16 or 17 years, my mom is coming up [from Kissimmee, Florida.] It's usually just my dad, and we go hunting together. This is a big deal," Chuck says.

"We'll all be together—my parents, his parents, my brother and all the kids," Kasi says.

In the spirit of the holiday, Kasi adds all the things she's thankful for.

"I'm grateful for my life in general. I have three beautiful girls. I'm married to my best friend. Our family is amazing that we get to be together very often and enjoy each other's company. Life is good."

Chuck replies with his list.

"I'm thankful for everyone being healthy. Thankful I finally met my wife and get to share my life with someone I love so much."

Chuck has not only fallen in love with Kasi but also with her three girls, Makenzie, Maddie and Avery. So what's instant fatherhood like?

"It's pretty easy because they have a great mother. I just try to be there to support them and guide them in the best way I can," Chuck says. "I never thought I'd fall in love with someone who'd been married before and has three children. It wasn't in my playbook. But it was in that moment that I knew it wasn't my plan. It was way bigger than me. And ever since I met her, nothing but goodness has come into my life." 

The couple lives in Thompson Station, but they always have a reason to be in Franklin.

"Our second date was at Gray's on Main," Kasi says. "And Avery plays softball, so we're at the ball fields a lot. We do like to be outdoors, so we'll go to the park."

"I was in Franklin not too long ago to pay a speeding ticket," Chuck adds with a laugh.

Asked what's next for the couple, Chuck says he has some big things coming up around the corner. He recently became part of the ownership team of Rural Cloth, an apparel company that appeals to American's hardest working men and women.

"I grew up in a farming family, so it was a natural fit. Maybe there will be a Chuck Wicks Signature Line next year."  

And good news for music fans. He's in the studio working on new music and hopes to have a new record out at the beginning of the year.

"It's gonna be a more traditional record. This record, in particular, is going back to the sound that put me on the map. Back to Stealing Cinderella. It's really gonna show a better version of me."