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Formals Only Tuxedos

Button Up Your Next Formal Event

Remember the days of the pandemic--how we all longed to break out of our sweatpants and t-shirts to wear real clothing?

Thankfully, social affairs are back in full swing. Fall and winter black-tie affair “save-the-dates” have been mailed out and now is the time to consider what you will wear to your next special event.

Robert Capone at Formals Only Tuxedos can give you the right look—regardless of the type of event or venue location. Along with rental and retail tuxedos and suits, he also rents shirts, shoes, and accessories, including his endless stock of colored bow ties, pocket squares, and long ties.

“Our customers can come in and try all of the various styles. We have many suits in stock and are very experienced in fitting our customers perfectly,” says Robert. “Our tailor takes care of the necessary alterations, and when the customer returns to pick up the suits, it’s 99.9% spot-on!”

He notes that when he first entered the formalwear business in 1996, there were 15-20 tuxedo shops in Bergen County. Now there are three. “I’m still in the business because we do our own dry cleaning and take excellent care of our products. Robert credits the quality services of his family’s dry cleaning business in Bergenfield with keeping his stock of apparel pristine. “I grew up in the dry-cleaning business,” he says. “When my dad retired, we launched the tuxedo business. It was a natural connection because the dry cleaners always managed high-end clothing, such as designer gowns and suits. It was just an extension of the current business.”

Although his retail storefront competition has declined, online rentals have surged. However, the dry-cleaning connection keeps Formals Only Tuxedos ahead of the pack here as well. “We have more competition from online businesses than local businesses,” says Robert. “The online sites are terrible with cleaning. Sometimes people order suits online and still have to get them cleaned themselves!”

Robert has seen many formalwear fashions come and go over the last 28 years. “In 1995, fit mattered very little to customers—they wanted it oversized. Now, everyone prefers their rentals to have a custom-fitted look. The industry has been experimenting with adding Lycra® and similar fibers woven into the wool to give it some stretch, allowing for a slimmer fit,” he says. “Vibrant dinner jackets are popular—they aren’t a mainstream look, but great for someone who wants to make a statement.”

Customers can choose to rent or buy a suit or tuxedo. “Renting a suit is definitely the trend,” says Robert. “Men don’t necessarily want to commit to buying an expensive suit.”

In general, if you will need a tuxedo at least 1-2 times a year for the next several years, and your size remains stable, it is more economical to buy instead of rent your tux. Go for the rental if your need for a suit is infrequent. Either way, Formals Only is the perfect fit!

  • Owner Robert Capone

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