Former NBA Pro Tim Olbrecht Offers Kids Basketball Camps

His son, his real estate career and basketball are his life in Boerne.

Article by Connie McFall Clark

Photography by Kate Cooley/Cooley Portraits

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Tim Olbrecht, a former professional basketball player makes his mark in real estate on a new career path. Living in Boerne and offering coaching for student basketballers, he enjoys matching people to their dream homes. At 31 he has accomplished much in his life and has learned to overcome distractions that don't meet his goals.

When did you embark on a sports career?

I was sixteen when I left home to play professional basketball in Germany. My parents allowed me to do so with the understanding that eventually I would finish school. When I was eighteen I played for Germany in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. I participated in European and World Cup games and for championship team at the age of nineteen; I was All Star twice.

How did you end up playing in the US?

I didn’t get drafted in the major leagues but played in the Minor NBA D League for a team located in McAllen, Texas. The Houston Rockets picked me up in 2013; I loved playing on that team. Unfortunately several of us were cut to make room for Dwight Howard. I then went to training camp with the Philadephia 76ers but didn’t make the team. I went back to the D League and with one team won 31 games in row and won a championship with another team.

I went back to Germany and played there until I was offered a place on a Russian team. I love challenges that make me feel uncomfortable so I accepted. We played in Siberia using translators because none of the players or coaches spoke English. It was the best and craziest of experiences.

Afterward I played three more seasons in Germany and sustained an injury. It was a touch decision to quit basketball but with my knees at risk I decided it was the best for my future. I plan to have many years being healthy enough to play with my son.

What programs do you have for children interested in basketball?

Tim Olbrecht Elite Basketball is designed to assist students in private sessions to achieve their goals, ensuring they are serious and willing to work for what they want. I also run day-long camps for students in smaller towns who are not able to enroll in programs in San Antonio. Along with sharing my basketball skills, I give them motivation and let them know they can be successful in life. I like to see the joy in the kids and to give back. I teach them to focus on themselves, not to compare themselves to others. I don’t make a fortune with these camps; I don’t want to use the kids to make money. Check out the website at www.TO-EliteBasketball.com.

How did you get into real estate?

Six years ago I met real estate broker Dan Kubinski in Gold’s Gym and got my real estate license. I love real estate and love fitting a family’s story into a home to make memories. I am now a partner with Dan; we offer personal, customer-friendly experiences. We handle luxury as well as HUD homes. Website is www.cerhomes.com.

Any final comments for Boerne Lifestyle readers?

Because I’ve been through so many ups and downs, with no money and big money, with coaches who yell for no reason, I’ve created a really thick skin. Now nothing gets to me since I’ve seen it all. I feel like an old soul knowing my goals and focusing on what to do. Now my real estate career is exciting. My three big things in life are my son, real estate and basketball.

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