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Before you know it, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be here. The countdown will commence, the glittering ball will drop, and a New Year will be upon us all.

What better time to take control of your health and wellness? No matter how well-intentioned your New Year’s resolution may be, a true lifestyle change requires more than just a season.

The feeling of a brand-new you—from the inside out—is more than worth the effort.

If you’re not sure where to start, Foskaris Wellness has exactly what you need to take that first step in the right direction.

“We’ve been helping families in the OC get healthier for over five years,” says founder/CEO and Nutritionist Penny Foskaris.

“We specialize in resetting metabolisms at any age, focusing on eliminating the struggle of weight loss, stress, sleeplessness, and more,” she says.

How do they do it? According to Penny, the secret to finding sustainable success is all about formulating a highly personalized plan based on the individual client.

“We use data collected from testing and scans to create a custom program that is tailored to each person. We then use a holistic approach in helping our clients achieve their goals easily, so they look their best and feel their best.”

Services include Body Composition Scans (InBody 570), Full Body Red Light Bed, Amped Muscle Sculpting, RedLight Sculpting, Zyto Scans, Infrared Saunas, Light & Sound Therapy Relaxation Glasses, and Crystal PEMF Mats.

Whatever your body needs, Foskaris Wellness has a solution to revolutionize your physical and mental health—no matter your age, body type, or current fitness level.

“We’ve helped clients over 11,550 times in the office, ages 17 to 92 years young,” says Penny.  

In addition to a plethora of innovative tools and methods designed to reinvigorate your wellness from the inside out, the Foskaris team clarifies clients’ goals about what a healthy diet and lifestyle really look like to them —to achieve positive results with lasting change.

“There is a misconception that overeating is the only way that you will gain fat. Hence the saying ‘eat less, move more.’ But I’m here to tell you that when a person doesn’t eat enough food (according to their BMR) they will gain fat! The data from our testing shows the client what to do to succeed,” Penny says.

“For many years, people have struggled to find what program works best for them to lose weight, and when they finally lose it, [it can be challenging to] not gain it back again,” she says. “There are so many programs that focus on a calorie deficit without first doing any testing to truly see how many calories each individual needs. Without finding out first what a person needs, they could end up losing water and muscle instead of fat.”

The Foskaris approach encompasses initial and continuous monitoring to ensure they are losing weight and staying on track the right way. “We scan every person we work with each time they come in to make sure they are losing fat and empower them with personalized strategies that work for them,” says Penny.

“I am committed to taking the struggle away from weight loss and finally putting an end to the obesity epidemic. By gathering data and customizing programs to suit the needs of each individual with easy-to-follow strategies, it can be done!” she says.

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