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Fostering Connections

Local artist and art school proprietor shares how she gives back, and invites artists to a festive Christmas Market.

Anna’s Art Lab, founded in Kirkland in 2015, embodies a captivating journey of creativity and growth. Anna, the founder, had an inspiring career as both a teacher and an artist across Brazil, Africa, and Germany. However, her ultimate dream found its place in the United States when she established Anna’s Art Lab in Kirkland.

This space is not merely an art studio; it's a sanctuary for artistic expression, learning, and personal development. Anna’s Art Lab invites you to explore a multitude of artistic avenues, from painting and wheel-throwing to sculpting, ceramics glazing, sewing, and beyond. Within this tranquil studio and amidst a serene garden, art finds its diverse expressions.

The Art Lab offers an array of options, from drop-in classes suitable for all ages to immersive camps, art therapy sessions, and engaging workshops. Its flexible spaces are also ideal for private events and unforgettable birthday parties.

Over the past eight years, the Art Lab has cultivated a vibrant community. Beyond nurturing individual growth, Anna's mission is to foster connections within the community and extend a helping hand through her business. She collaborates with Treehouse to open her doors to foster children. Once a year, her students unite in creating a "Giving Tree." 

This collaboration involves crafting a magnificent Christmas tree from cardboard, embellishing it with paint and decorations. Last year, this tree was adorned with gift cards from the community, destined to brighten a foster child's Christmas. The Art Lab is currently on the quest to identify a new deserving child who will be touched by the Giving Tree this holiday season. Reach out to Anna at with your suggestions.

In addition, for many years the Art Lab has been hosting a Christmas Market that provides both its students and local artists a platform to sell and showcase their creations. Local artists interested in participating can apply by sending an email with pictures of their art work to embracing the opportunity to share their artistic vision.