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Foundation for Allen Schools

Every student. Every teacher. Every campus.

The Foundation for Allen Schools is celebrating its 25th birthday!

Over the past 25 years, the foundation has awarded:

  • 1,659 grants supporting classroom innovation and educational opportunities
  • 1,383 student scholarships totaling nearly $1.3 million dollars
  • $250,000 for teacher tuition reimbursement, training, recognition, and mentor teacher support

That adds up to $3.2 million invested back into the community – made possible by residents, volunteers, and businesses working to make public education in Allen the very best.


What is one of the biggest highlights of the 25th anniversary celebration?
“Our grant program! Our very first year we funded seven grants for $7,000. This year we funded 126 grants for a total of $249,255! Think of all the teachers and students who are benefitting from these grants!”
What is a favorite grant story?
“I love the grants that allow us to bring unique experiences to students such as the time we went to the Dallas Opera – most students had never seen anything like it and their reactions were priceless. Or when we brought a fabulous storyteller to an elementary school; she had everyone laughing so hard we cried! I also like the grants that provide resources to help struggling students. We had a math grant at a middle school that provided an online tool to help students understand algebra concepts in new ways. Student success went through the roof!”
What is a favorite scholarship story?
“We had a student whose family struggled with homeless and faced many challenges. This young man helped take care of his younger siblings while going to school; eventually, they got into the Samaritan Inn and got back on their feet. He continued to work to help the family while successfully completing high school. On top of all that, he volunteered at the Samaritan Inn, helping other students who had struggled as he had. It was a remarkable story, and we were happy to award him a scholarship.”
What are some of the initiatives the foundation will be working on in 2023?
“We are excited to continue to support the Allen ISD Mentor Teacher program. For years, our experienced teachers have been assigned a new teacher to support through their first year. They are an amazing resource for these new educators, but previously received no compensation for the additional time and work. Now they receive a stipend funded by the foundation. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to work here every day!”