Four Men, Four Industries, Four Perspectives

We spoke with four men from four different industries to get their perspective on the same questions.

I’m Dr. Diego Hernandez. I’m a board-certified vascular surgeon and founder/owner of Bloomfield Vein & Vascular in Bloomfield Hills. I grew up in Miami, Florida, but my education was in the Midwest. I graduated from the University of Michigan and trained at William Beaumont Hospital. I currently live in Birmingham with my wife and two teenage children.

How does working as a surgeon influence your leadership?

BVV was the first surgeon-led center in Metro Detroit to offer patients with vascular conditions a new approach to their care. By performing outpatient, minimally invasive procedures in a state-of-the art facility, we provide options that are safer, more economical and more patient-centric.  

Biggest lessons learned within the past year?

The events of this past year made it necessary to adjust to the ever-changing complexities associated with COVID-19. The skills I have acquired as a surgeon over two decades of practice allowed me to lead my highly talented team to adjust to the changing environment. I learned that trusting my employees and empowering them with the necessary tools allowed us to continue to practice in an office setting that ensured our patients’ safety without sacrificing the high level of care they expect from us.

What inspires or drives you?

The realization that a patient trusts me enough to perform a procedure inspires me on a daily basis. The need to ensure my results continue to be exceptional motivates me to always strive to do better. We have created an office space that’s welcoming, friendly and professional, and where my employees recognize that I value what they do on a daily basis.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Being a solo practitioner in today’s economic climate is very difficult. My greatest professional accomplishment entailed establishing a private surgical practice that, over the last six years, has been successful and continues to grow, without sacrificing the core values that are the driving force behind everything I do.  

I’m Matt Mosher, President of Mosher Design Co. and I started my first business when I was 17 and have yet to get a “real job”. My big breakthrough was when I put a flyer of pictures I had taken of my parents’ backyard in mailboxes and got a call to build a waterfall. Little did I know, it was a giant waterfall they wanted, which I had no clue how to do. In typical entrepreneurial fashion, I said yes and started spending my evenings at Home Depot reading how to books. Long story short, I created the waterfall, which was over 50' long, and won several awards for its beauty. I was 19 at the time! I also love the outdoors and traveling – I try to explore at least three new areas of the world every year.

How does working as a landscape architect influence your leadership? 
I stick with what I think I am good at, which is using my creativity to design amazing spaces and home facades for clients that bring them great joy. By concentrating on your strengths and achieving success, I believe it provides amazing motivation to the people around you and younger generations.

Biggest lessons learned within the past year? 
Never get too comfortable in your routine or think business will continue to be great. Things happen, and you need to be able to adapt. If you’re in business, have reserves and plans for a rainy day.

What inspires or drives you? 
The ability to take an idea from your head, have someone pay you to show them your ideas and then ultimately turn that idea into something they can enjoy for many years.

What is your greatest accomplishment? 
My greatest accomplishment is being fortunate enough to have been born with a creative mind and into a great family. But most of all, finding an amazing wife who is so supportive and motivating.

I’m Dr. Rohit Arora. I’m the Owner and General Dentist for Bingham Farms Family Dentistry. My wife, Purvi Arora DDS, and I started Bingham Farms Family Dentistry in 2013. Between the two of us, we have a combined 30 years in general practice! We are a family practice in its most traditional sense, as we believe in building relationships with our patients that span generations. My favorite things to do in my free time are grilling for my family on my ceramic BBQ, golfing and exercising.

How does working as a dentist influence your leadership? 
I am a believer that having a great bedside manner and actively listening to a person's concerns can go a long way in dentistry. Because I embrace that philosophy, my staff follows, which helps cultivate a true family practice atmosphere, as I mentioned previously. 

Biggest lessons learned within the past year? 
Life is constantly going to knock you down, but it’s all about how you respond and the lessons you take from it. I hope my kids understand that no matter how tough these past 18 months have been, there’s always light on the other side. Complaining does no good – find a path forward and make the situation better every day.

What inspires or drives you? 
My parents always raised me to believe nothing great in life comes without hard work, sacrifice and dedication. They sacrificed so much so my brother and I could reach higher education. It’s important that I do the same for my children as well. 

What is your greatest accomplishment? 
It’s hard to say one thing. Building a successful practice alongside my wife Purvi while raising three kids and shaping a great friend circle in Birmingham feels like a great accomplishment. I know the journey is just beginning, and it feels like we have put in every effort we have to be where we are today.

I’m Dean Thurman. I am the Co-Founder ad Senior Partner at InvestWise Financial, LLC.

How does working as a Financial Advisor influence your leadership?
Like a doctor or attorney, clients of a financial advisor seek to be led. We approach each unique client situation and ask ourselves: "what would I do if I were the client myself?”.  Then, we lead our clients down a path of financial success that may look different for each client. It is a big responsibility, and one we cherish.

Biggest lessons learned within the past year?
Everyone's life is unpredictable, no exceptions. It is easy for anyone to manage their own finances when life is perfect, but when disruption happens people need experienced professional guidance. When disruptions such as a divorce, unexpected job change, retirement or a pandemic happens, most people need an advisor that is present and on point.

What inspires or drives you?
Striving to be the best husband, father, boss and advisor I can be. At InvestWise, we consider ourselves work family. Many of us at InvestWise have been together for decades. We truly enjoy and respect each other both personally and professionally. That, plus such wonderful relationships with our clients makes coming to work not seem like work at all. Working with such amazing people and serving the community is a huge inspiration.

What is your greatest accomplishment? 
Besides having loving family and friends, assembling a team approach financial planning practice. I believe none of us are as smart as all of us. We typically have more than one professional on each Zoom or in-office appointment. This approach is quite rare in our profession, but I believe it leads to the best results for our clients. The team approach also assures our clients that if the lead advisor becomes unavailable for any reason, the client will still have someone that is very familiar with their situation available.

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