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Four Ways Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Health

A straighter smile leaves you healthier and happier

Your teeth and jaw are a highly sophisticated mechanism. They work in tandem to help you chew your food and speak properly. But when your teeth are crooked, it makes it harder for your mouth to perform those functions and can also lead to other issues. Along with having a more appealing smile, here are 4 ways that straight teeth can improve your health.

1. Better digestion Well-aligned teeth can grind and chew more effectively, allowing you to eat a bigger variety of nutritious foods, instead of soft starchy food. Being able to chew your food properly (into small pieces) also means that you can digest those foods better.

2. Help prevent cavities and gum disease Straight teeth are much easier to clean, which means fewer cavities and less dental work needed. Crooked teeth make it harder to floss and your toothbrush may not be reaching all the places it needs to. Straight teeth make it easier for your toothbrush bristles to brush the front and back surfaces of your teeth and they allow for floss to reach the spots in between your teeth.

3. Protect your teeth from damage Misaligned teeth can grind against each other in ways that damage your teeth. Grinding your teeth can wear away your enamel, cause your teeth to become loose, or lead to TMJ problems. TMJ issues can then cause problems chewing and eating certain foods or cause pain when eating.

4. Straight teeth can help you speak better Crooked teeth often cause speech impediments. The tongue needs to be in the right place to be able to produce the correct sounds and when your teeth are crooked, your tongue may not be able to go where it needs to go. Straightening your teeth will put your teeth back to where they need to be and help improve your speech.

Braces, or invisible braces like Invisalign, not only straighten your teeth, but help improve your overall health as well. A straighter smile leaves you healthier and happier.

Getting Started with Invisalign

1. At your first visit, Dr. Davis will talk with you about your teeth straightening goals and if you’re a candidate for clear aligners (some people with severe crowding may need traditional braces.) You should also keep in mind that if you need other dental work, you will most likely need to complete that before you start your Invisalign treatment.

2. If you’re ready to get started, we will scan your mouth and take lots of pictures of your teeth. We’ll send your scan and pictures off to the lab to fabricate your clear aligners.

3. When your case comes back, we’ll see you to make sure everything fits correctly. Then you’ll start wearing your aligners 23/7 (only taking them out to eat and clean 😊)

If you’re interested in a straighter smile with Invisalign, call us at 918-863-2474 to schedule your consultation.

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