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Fox Hill

Where Luxury Homes Meet Sustainable Farming

Article by Julie Ann Tripp

Photography by Josh Drovdal with Revl Media

Originally published in Parker City Lifestyle

Just south of Parker, the houses in Fox Hill have continued to sprout up since the community's inception, where the tranquility of rural living meets the convenience of modern amenities. One thing that hasn't changed is Fox Hill home development's vision, centered around the professionally managed Fox Hill Farm, where redefining the concept of luxury living with a unique farm-to-table community continues to be the focus. 

Back in 1912, an Austrian immigrant chose the hilltop for his farmhouse as the views reminded him of his homeland. Today, the nearly 400-acre plot preserves the spirit of the old farmstead while introducing a new era of community living. Fox Hill provides buyers the opportunity to design and build a home with beauty and sustainability in mind. Custom architecture ensures no duplication so that each home is uniquely built for the homeowner, their lifestyle and the land, with the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop. 

“When you come here, you almost come into a family,” states Paige McLaughlin, the real estate agent behind the Fox Hill community. 

For the time being, the average home price is about $2 million, and only 16 lots remain. The community embraces sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, including an aquaponics system in the greenhouse. From growing hops for brewing beer to using their tilapia-farm waste as fertilizer, the community maximizes natural processes, while reducing waste and transportation costs associated with traditional food distribution.

Fox Hill's farm-to-table concept not only enhances the living experience for residents but also sets a precedent for mindful and sustainable communities. The development showcases how integrating professionally managed farms with luxury homes can create a harmonious and sustainable way of life. Some of the homes use solar and geothermal energy to consume the same amount of energy as they produce, otherwise known as a net-zero approach. Each custom-built house sits on a one to four acre plot of land.

“It’s not just the farm concept, but it's an opportunity for our homeowners to design and build innovative custom homes that are sustainable, if that’s important to them.” Paige says. 

The community-supported agriculture program at the farm offers residents access to weekly produce boxes, farm-raised tilapia, fresh eggs, honey from on-site hives and more. The homeowners, composed of everyone from multi-generational families to couples, enjoy community events like outdoor movies, block parties and a visit with Santa that includes a horse-drawn carriage ride.  

As Fox Hill Living continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modern luxury and sustainable farming, setting a new standard for community living in Franktown.          

“When you come here, you almost come into a family."