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Frank Schubert

How a Second Career Became an Inspirational Story for This Local Business Owner

Schubert Insurance and Financial Services (Allstate Insurance) is located on Pinnacle Peak and Pima and has long been known for its friendly and attentive staff. This is in large part due to the community feel owner Frank Schubert and his wife hoped to bring to North Scottsdale.

"People are progressive and positive here in North Scottsdale. There is much community involvement, and it's a dynamic community. We live here and have lived in the valley for 35 years, so it's important to offer wonderful service to our neighbors," Frank says.

The insurance industry is a second career for Frank, but helping others has always been a top priority and "first passion," he says.

"I always enjoyed helping people, and this is essentially that. We educate people on what they need, such as life insurance, but everyone needs different amounts, and we help people a great deal in circumstances, for example, where someone died prematurely. The right policy helps immensely."

Frank shares the important insights he's learned along the way that have led him to success and contentment in his career.

Finding Your Passion is Important

Frank says that having this business is what he was always meant to do. Seeing families grow, seeing career progression and keeping in touch with clients throughout the process is what he was yearning for in previous positions. Schubert spent 20-plus years in the airline business, which did give him the ability to connect with people on a daily basis; however, establishing his own business and creating an ideal workspace for himself and his employees and clients has been amazing.

"I wasn't done working when the airline I worked for since its inception shut down. Someone I knew from the airlines inspired me to move onto this industry like he did. He was enthusiastic about it, and it was contagious. I wanted to have equity and ownership in something meaningful. My wife and I own this together, and as we progressively grew larger, we purchased other agencies and merged them together. Honor, trust, integrity and ethics are the four components you have to have in this business. If you represent those qualities, you will be successful. Caring is very important."

"Honor, trust, integrity and ethics are the four components you have to have in this business. If you represent those qualities, you will be successful. Caring is very important."

The Hard Work is Worth It; High Ethics is Crucial

The major change for Frank in owning a business was that it became a huge day-to-day commitment, so you need to love what you do.

"The more clients you can speak with, the more successful you will be. You can’t touch everyone every day, but you try to be as personal as possible and get to know them all."

Standing out means being the trustworthy choice in insurance: Frank assures that he will work to understand each client's needs. He also offers an extensive product line including retirement, causality and life insurance.

"When you’re dealing with someone's personal finances, trust is huge. Our goal is to earn the title of trusted adviser every day. We access personal risk as well. Again, the key is to have face-to-face contact and meet everyone we serve."

Frank's agency even hosts an appreciation event once a year so he can go above and beyond to connect with clients and see new faces. Schubert customers know the door is always open, and there is always mutual trust and respect.

"It's crucial to respect everyone. Our clients are all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, so it’s important to have respect for mankind."

Getting Involved in the Community is Key

Frank's agency is heavily involved in the community it serves. The agency donates to the Southwest Autistic Organization, St. Vincent De Paul, and holds a Customer Appreciation Event each year, renting out a movie theater with a new release, where customers can come enjoy a night out. 

"There are so many opportunities to interact with people in this industry, and you should take advantage of that!"

Make Sure You Want to be a Leader

Frank says that being in this industry has meant many personal achievements, such as helping others with retirement or assisting someone new to town. There are many aspects of the business, and truly having a partnership with others is what is needed to succeed.

"Insurance is very people-oriented, and managing a small business brings great responsibility that can help you grow. I am a part of all components of the business: payroll, leading, guiding, helping, marketing. This job rolls many skills and challenges into one. But I enjoy being a leader; it’s what keeps me going. If that fills your bill, it’s a match for you. It’s not easy...if you do it right."