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Franklin In Motion

The Franklin Transit Authority

Article by Jessica Wayman

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

When you think of the Franklin Trolley, you might think of the old-fashioned vehicle with the red paint and a bell that dings as it’s arriving. While you can still catch one of those trollies at special events and festivals, the Franklin Transit Authority has become a highly-functioning and greatly appreciated transportation service for the citizens of Franklin who either prefer public transit or those who need it.

Once upon a time, to use the bus system in Franklin, a person may have spent a lot of time waiting for the bus and riding it. That is no longer the case according to Stanton Higgs, Chief Operating Officer for TMA Group, a transportation solutions organization that works with Franklin Transit to provide the city with the best transit system possible. In 2018, Franklin Transit Authority and TMA Group performed a study of how the bus system could be more useful to the citizens of Franklin who use it. Now all buses operate on a 30-minute schedule with buses traveling both directions at the same time. “You don’t have to wait as long, and you don’t have to be on the bus as long,” said Higgs.

The fixed routes consist of the Red Route which runs from the Bradford & Davison area to Fieldstone Farms and makes stops at the Library and the Kroger at Independence Square. The Blue Route travels from the Downtown Transit Center all the way to Williamson Medical Center and stops at Walmart, Cool Springs Galleria, and Columbia State Community College.

Another program offered by FTA is known as TODD (Transit on Demand). For those who live or need to travel a bit too far from the bus route, they may simply call and schedule a ride. TODD offers pick-ups from one location to the next anywhere within the Franklin city limits.

FTA also has a program through Williamson County schools that provides students with disabilities the opportunity to become familiar with the transit system so that they may be comfortable using it in their adult lives as citizens of Franklin.

Information on fares, schedules, TODD and much more can be found at the Downtown Transit Center located at 708 Columbia Avenue or at