Franklin Pest Control's Earl Lipscomb Is Managing Your Pests

You've probably noticed the spider-web laced truck around town and wondered about it. Behind the wheel is Franklin Pest Control's Earl Lipscomb, a Franklin resident who has been in the pest control business for 20+ years. "It's my true passion," Lipscomb says. He gives us the lowdown on his service. Did you know brown recluse spiders have three eyes??? Termites, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, bed bugs, BEWARE!

What made you personally decide to get into pest control? 

I got into pest control because I have always loved doing whatever I could to make people happy. When my wife and I moved to TN, someone at our new church asked me if I needed a job and, of course, I said “YES.”  After my first week, I knew I loved it. Every customer I left was always smiling and so happy that I came out and helped them with an issue that they didn't know how to handle. Eventually, I learned that I was not a fan of working for big companies, so I started my own business. It's my true passion. 

Tell us about your products. Are they “chemical-free” and safe for babies and pets? 

We use high-quality, low toxicity pesticides and are safe. 

Do you use different products for inside and outside? 

Yes. Each pest requires different approaches or products. 

What signs should we look for when there’s a possible termite infestation? 

Bubbles or blisters on the floor. Subterranean termites can cause damage to the sub-flooring and make it seem like there is water damage 

Mud tubes are about the size of a pencil and can be found going up from the ground to whatever food source there may be. A lot of times, these can be confused with Mud Dauber nests, which is why it is so important to get termite inspections at least once a year. 

Hollow wood in or around your home is also a good indication of termites. 

Since termites are typically only seen in the spring when they swarm. Swarming is how they mate and create bigger colonies to live in the wood of your home.

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