Franklin's Best Dressed Man

Meet Isaac Ferguson Dillard, the people of Franklin call "The best dressed man." Others refer to him as "walking art!"  

Originally from South Carolina, where he went to college and majored in vocal performance, and later served in the U.S. Army, Isaac then moved to Atlanta, GA. His passion is singing, fashion design, and public speaking.

Since 1996, he has performed in school assemblies sharing his global message of love, inclusion, diversity, non-bullying and non-violence. His song, “Take the time 2 b a Friend,” shares his message of acceptance.

He has performed for Diana Ross' family New Year’s Eve party, President George H. W. Bush, and at Congressman John Robert Lewis’ funeral service at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King served as pastor from 1960-1968.

Isaac says, “Covid shut down my work, so I relocated to Franklin without knowing who and what Franklin was all about. I simply relocated following the voice of my heart and the voice of God. I must say, those voices haven't disappointed me. I refer to Franklin as my promised land.”

Designing clothes (IFD Collection) began as another creative outlet. He began designing clothes for himself and shortly after people began to resonate with his style and brand.  

“I must say since moving to Franklin, people literally stop me, compliment me on what I'm wearing, and some actually ask me if they can take my photo. I am humbled by the accolades of my Franklin family. My @ifd_collection was birthed because of the people of Franklin connecting, resonating, and purchasing what I walk down the street wearing, from Kathie Lee Glifford, relatives of Kitty Wells, Luke Smallbone of For King and Country, Need to Breath’s Bear Rienhart, and so many others."  

If you see Isaac out and about, please welcome him, get a photo, and thank him for his message of spreading kindness, respect, and love. Instagram: @isaacfergusondillard

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