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Franklin’s Favorite Fine Jeweler

Grogan Jewelers by Lon

Article by Ashley Hutcheson

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Jewelry purchases often celebrate and punctuate life-changing events. Choosing your jeweler to guide you in those special times is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing who to make your jewelry investment with. If you are looking for a jeweler who will support you for the life of that piece, look no further than Grogan Jewelers by Lon. They have a rich and storied history; their 2016
establishment in Franklin at the Cool Springs Galleria is their third store and first in Tennessee. In 1915, over one hundred years before the first Tennessee establishment, Grogan Jewelers opened their family-run store in Florence, Alabama launching their deep Southern roots and becoming the place for purchasing lifetime jewelry. Their second location in Alabama has been a Huntsville tradition for over 10 years.

Grogan Jewelers by Lon has a lifetime warranty the entire staff will “put our name behind.” Grogan looks beyond the item and seeks to set up a relationship with the customer. It’s not a rare event to find heart-warming stories of strong ties to the store. Last fall, Grogan Jewelers by Lon helped provide a bridal setting, one of their specialties, that was the third generation of Grogan rings for the family. They love to set their customers up for an heirloom piece.

In a consumer market where, seemingly, anyone can sell a piece of fine jewelry or a diamond, Grogan Jewelers by Lon offers trust, quality and family values along with piece of mind that comes from knowing your jeweler personally. Lon Brown, the Grogan Jewelers namesake, has decades of jewelry experience. A successful entrepreneur, Lon, her children and their spouses bought the tradition and
trust in 2015 and have elevated the Grogan legacy.

The Franklin location is a fun spot for Lon Brown and her family to have their third store. In the years Grogan Jewelers by Lon has been in Williamson County, middle Tennessee has exploded. The customers are a wonderful melting pot of styles and needs and Grogan couldn’t be more pleased. The wide audiences allow Grogan Jewelers by Lon to showcase their unique talents with custom jewelry,
exceptional customer service and turnaround time becoming one of Williamson County’s most trusted businesses.

Curating custom pieces is an exclusive feature Grogan Jewelers by Lon offers. This process allows the customer to be deeply involved in the development of their special piece. Along with a Grogan team member, the customer will help draw and print the plans for their piece and will have the final approval. Perfect for a soon-to-be groom wanting to create an exceptionally unique bridal set for his

One of the newest events that Grogan Jewelers by Lon hosts is the Restyle Event. This event is to help customers make their old pieces new again. Lots of women have jewelry boxes full of beautiful stones stuck in settings that may be a few decades old. Grogan Jewelers by Lon wants to help take those pieces and breathe life back into them.

The Restyle Event can also help with any pieces that have been inherited or passed down that have sentimental value but may not have any value in being worn - yet! Grogan Jewelers by Lon can help take pieces that have been gifted and help to create a piece that is the new possessor’s own style while keeping in mind the heritage and sentiment behind the piece.

Grogan Jewelers by Lon is also out in the community; a supporter of the Heritage Ball, the longest running black tie affair in Williamson County which supports the Heritage Foundation. A perfect marriage for the honor and tradition Grogan Jewelers by Lon holds themselves to.

Not in the market for something new? Grogan Jewelers by Lon is happy to repair any item you may have that needs a little TLC. In -house and on-time repair is what you’ll receive if you take your precious pieces to Grogan. Repairs of favorite pieces is a great way to get to know your local jeweler and set the stage with your style and tastes for when the need for a new or custom piece does arise.


While you don’t often think about it; cleaning, caring for and storing your jewelry is just as important as
maintenance on other investments purchases. What type of piece you are caring for is important in how
you take care of it. Grogan Jewelers by Lon offers professional cleaning services and expert advice:

Jewelry Care
Store silver jewelry in a cool, dry place, ideally in cloth or in a piece of felt. Be careful using ultrasonic cleaners, as only certain items are intended for ultrasonic vibrations. Silver jewelry can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth, with or without silver cleaning solution.

Diamond Care
Most diamonds are worn daily and can lose their sparkle if not cleaned regularly. Daily products put film on diamonds and reduce shininess. Make sure to avoid chlorine and hot tubs.

Gemstone Care
Gemstones should avoid sudden temperature changes. If you’re typically hard on jewelry, try to save rings and bracelets for special occasions. Some gemstones are brittle, like emeralds; rubies on the other hand are second in hardness to a diamond.

Other Pieces
Don’t forget about your other meaningful items like timepieces, cufflinks and tie clips that get a lot of use and sometimes not a lot of (cleaning) love.