A Proactive Approach to Health Care

Frederick Health Prioritizes Preventive Care for a Thriving Community

Article by Savannah J. Yost

Photography by Alyssa Boxhill and Julie Hipkins

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

Dr. B Shanes, family practitioner at Frederick Health, states that we unfortunately live in what can be referred to as a “sick-care” system. In a sick-care system, the general population visits the doctor after already experiencing symptoms. Sore throat? Visit the doctor. Chronic headache? Visit the doctor. 

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? 

However, medical experts agree that a more preventive approach to health care directly correlates to a healthier population. Preventive care needs not be neglected. You see, if we keep up, we can prevent sickness from occurring. Health care should be proactive, not reactive.  

It’s not difficult to see why routine care can prevent a myriad of issues. At Frederick Health, medical professionals help patients keep up with important screenings based on their history, age and sex.  

But it’s not just preventive care that is necessary. Dr. Shanes expounds on this by sharing a staggering statistic: “Changing behaviors—moving away from a poor diet, sedentary behavior and smoking―can eliminate 80% of heart disease.”  

Read that again.  

For many, becoming and staying healthy requires a lifestyle change, plain and simple.  

Exercising regularly is recommended, of course, and it takes a minimum of 30 minutes most days of the week to not be considered sedentary. 

“Some people might not even realize we do health care education and preventive care measures,”  states Dr. Shanes, whose practice focuses mainly on nutrition and health. He adds, “... and probably one of the most important things is to have a physician who gets to know your personal history over time.” 

And by that, he means there is value in a primary care physician who knows you and your history well. It is more crucial than we may think! For doctors to know where you’ve been is just as important as knowing where you are currently in your health journey.   

Additionally, people who keep the same primary care doctor actually have lower health care costs in general.  

Dr. Shanes mentions that Frederick Health professionals help their patients make treatment decisions, provide referrals to specialists and offer chronic disease management.  

One of the perks of Frederick Health’s system is convenience. For example, in just one building in Urbana, a patient can receive primary care, urgent care, labs, x-rays or even physical therapy without having to drive to another location. For families with children especially, this is a game-changer. 

Speaking of increased accessibility and ease, the construction of the new Emmitsburg facility is a major plus.  

Tom Kleinhanzl, President & CEO of Frederick Health states, “Bringing care to residents of the northern part of Frederick County is extremely important. As our county continues to grow, we must ensure that all Frederick County residents can receive quality medical treatment.”  

Mount St. Mary’s University has partnered with Frederick Health since 2018. This has allowed for health and wellness services for students and student-athletes. Now, the partnership has developed in such a way that allows for improved services to students and the rest of northern Frederick.  

As Frederick Health expands its services, it also carries out its mission to positively impact the well-being of every individual in our community.  

To learn more about the services offered by Frederick Health, please visit FrederickHealth.org.

Dr. Shanes’ Tips for a Healthy 2022: 

  • Find a hobby or activitylike reading or meditation if that’s your thingto relax and lower stress.

  • Remember to count your Zzz’s. Enough sleep is paramount.

  • Choose a fun physical activity to pursue. Taking walks outside is great for your body and mind. 

  • Balance your meals and snacks with lots of fruits and veggies. If you enjoy cooking, experiment with healthy new recipes!  

“Health care should be proactive, not reactive.”


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