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Freecoat Nails Waverly

Offering a healthy, nontoxic option for beauty and nail care

With over fifteen years of experience in the beauty industry, Millie Rivera pools her knowledge and passion to create an amazing, luxury, and health-conscious experience for customers at Freecoat Nails Waverly.

“I have always loved makeup and have enjoyed immersing myself in the beauty industry,” Rivera shared. “It always makes me happy and over the years, my passion for this industry has continued to grow. I love that beauty in itself is very empowering to women and I love that I am able to bring so much happiness into women’s lives.”

As a mom of four children, Rivera understands that going to a salon means more than simply having your nails done, it is an opportunity for a reset and a time for self-care. “As a mom, I know that it is very hard to find some time for myself and then when I do get that time, it is so therapeutic for me to be able to sit down, close my eyes, and enjoy the moment,” she said. “For me to be able to provide such an experience for others is something I enjoy very much.”

Freecoat Nails Waverly offers the same services as regular nail salons, such as manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions, but what makes this salon so unique is the use of nontoxic materials and techniques. Additionally, the salon uses a medical grade filtration system, as well as an auto clave, to take the sanitation of implements to a higher level of disinfection. In addition to nail services, the salon includes a Beauty Bar that provides non-toxic, latex free lash extensions and lifts, eyebrow tinting, waxing, and more. The goal is offering women the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty in a way that is non-damaging.

“In addition to offering regular and gel manicures and pedicures, we have the Hard Coat Mani, which is a nontoxic, buildable gel that we build over your nails. This is considered our healthy version of SNS. It is very durable and helps to grow your nails, but it also protects the integrity of your natural nails,” Rivera explained. “We also provide nail extensions, so instead of doing the toxic acrylic nails that are offered in traditional salons, we offer the extension coat which is a nail tip that we apply to your nail and then we use a nontoxic buildable gel that goes over the tip.”

Rivera understands that women can be hesitant to try something new, but she is confident that once someone has tried this new, healthier way of nail care and beauty enhancement, they will love it. “People are so used to what they know and has been established for years, which is what traditional salons offer with very toxic materials and includes harsh smells and chemicals,” she said. “I want women to know that there is another option which is cleaner and provides high quality, nontoxic services with very little difference in price. We take care of our bodies with the things we wear, and we like to buy nice things to look pretty. We don’t cut corners in those areas, so why not try something that is a higher quality for our nails and meets our manicure and pedicure needs.”

Rivera opened her business last fall at the urging of a friend and fellow female entrepreneur and she finds it very encouraging to see other women step out and open their own businesses as well. “When I see other women opening a business, it's like we automatically have a connection,” she shared. “I love that they have a business too and I want to support them and help them just as people have helped me because seeing another woman business owner encourages other women to want to do it as well.”

When it comes to opening a business, Rivera encourages women to seek out a solid support system as they work to develop their creative ideas and bring them to fruition. “Surround yourself with people who believe in you and surround yourself with friends and family who speak life to you,” she said. “Ultimately you have to believe in yourself and your passion, but it is so encouraging when the people around you support you and give you the push you really need to take the next steps.”

Freecoat Nails Waverly is located at 11301 Golf Links Drive North Unit 101 in Charlotte. For more information and to book an appointment online, visit and search for the Waverly Location, or call 704-741-2297 to speak to someone at the salon.

I love that beauty in itself is very empowering to women.

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