Julie's holiday shopping list

Troy City Lifestyle's new editor demonstrates her shopping prowess with an extraordinarily extravagant Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching and when it comes to budget this year, the sky's the limit, right? Maybe? Well, let's imagine you're ready to splurge this year. What's available in Troy that's a little different, a little interesting and really extravagant?

We sent our Editor Julie Flores shopping across Troy, and she came back with some luxurious presents she thinks you would like to find under the tree this Christmas (if they fit). Check them out and shower your loved ones with something special – something luxurious – this year.

1. A magnificent cornucopia of all the goodies anyone (or perhaps your friends or clients) would want. These sweets and treats from our favorite international marketplace will ensure your clients remember you in 2024.

$259.99 or (248) 879-9222, ext. 1357

2. Limited-edition bottle of Hibiki Japanese Harmony, released by The House of Suntory, the founding House of Japanese Whisky. This one-of-a-kind bottle has a special, exclusive design, while you get the bragging rights for the gift.

$899.99 or (248) 404-9999

3. Beautiful and timeless, this eternity band features emerald-cut diamonds and can be designed in white, yellow, rose gold or platinum and in various carat weights. Possibly the last diamond gift you'll ever have to get her.

Range: $6,000 to $40,000 or (586) 275-8499

4. Personalized half-barrel of Straight or Heritage Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Multiple mash bills and barrel age. You can visit the distillery to personally select your barrel or order a tasting kit with samples from three separate barrels. Approximately 116 proof and yields around 110 bottles. If that's not enough, full barrels also are available.

$6,200 or (248) 770-3510

5. Who wouldn't want to look under the tree and find a Jaguar XF? (The keys, anyway.) The most advanced, efficient and refined sports sedan Jaguar has ever produced.

Starts around $44,800 or call Mak, (248) 537-7465

6. Make room for this Fazioli Concert Grand Piano, handcrafted in Italy by Fazioli Pianoforti. Only 140 pianos are produced each year – and you'll find several available here.

$269,700 or (248) 541-6334

Julie's love for Troy goes back more than two decades, when she joined the Troy Chamber of Commerce. Since then, as owner of, she has helped businesses succeed by building their brands and connecting them with clients. Like most people, she loves nice things – especially gifts that don't fit under the tree. Like Jaguars. (Are you listening, Ed?)

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