Freeing the Mind

A Conversation with Karen Towery, Certified EPT Practitioner 

What is EPT?

EPT, or Emotional Polarity Technique, is a completely different approach in emotional healthcare. Rather than rely on conventional drug therapy, or traditional talk therapy, EPT relies on the science of forgiveness. It’s a gentle, yet highly effective health technique that quickly identifies and heals all types of emotional blocks and traumas. EPT has over 25 years of clinical success ending depression, anxiety, and all manner of physical and emotional pain and suffering in both children and adults.  

What kind of transformations have you seen with the help of EPT?

I see children and adults go from not understanding why they feel depression or anxiety, making those reasons known, and then releasing them. When they are able to release their negative emotions, they are finally free to open themselves up for happiness and a new lease on life.  

Who is a good candidate for this kind of therapy?

Anyone is an amazing candidate for EPT. You need to have an open mind and want to feel free from your trapped emotions. Adults and children love the freedom of finding their own true, inward positivity and happiness when they complete seven sessions.  

What is an EPT session like?

EPT is special because we use the art of forgiveness in our healing process. We focus on an issue, find the emotion tied to the issue, and we forgive it. This is done by releasing the blocked energy and reprogramming the mind-body system with positive affirmations and forgiveness statements. By the time they leave, clients often tell me they feel ‘lighter’ and have a strong sense of relief. 

What do you enjoy most about the work you are doing?

I love witnessing the evolution of someone who’s been burdened by sadness to finally finding their happiness within. Seeing people become filled with gratitude and a new zest for life, family members coming together to heal from issues they never fully understood or even knew were there, children overcoming behavioral challenges... It’s amazing to watch and even more amazing to be a part of.

To learn more about Emotional Polarity Technique, or to schedule a session, visit Karen Towery’s website, InnerPeaceConnections.com or call (937) 985-4553.

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