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Reviving the Classics

Back Table Kitchen & Bar Offers a Fresh Take on Gulf Coast and Texas Favorites

Thanks to a steady diet of cable cooking shows and foodie Instagram accounts, we’re all educated like never before about what goes into making good food. So when we visit a restaurant, our standards are high. We’re looking  for fresh, healthy, creatively prepared dishes. At the same time, restaurant-goers have never been more desirous of a casual vibe--exceptional dining, but without the heels and the collared shirts, please! 

On the Venn Diagram of restaurant criteria, Back Table Kitchen & Bar sits firmly in the sweet spot, offering a “destination dining” experience in a sleek yet relaxed setting. Located at The Woodlands Resort, Executive Chef David Morris and his team are offering something familiar yet unexpected: the best of what Texas and the Gulf Coast have to offer, but reinvigorated with engaging preps and fresh ingredients.

The menu reflects Morris’s world travels and extensive road trips throughout the U.S., with an emphasis on Texas and Southern cuisine. He’s brought back with him some of the best regional heritage foods and dishes, like country hams from the smokehouses of Kentucky and Tennessee, east coast oysters, and New Orleans-style shrimp and grits.

Every single day, said Morris, the classically-trained kitchen is making its own sausage, smoking the salmon, even grinding the beef for the restaurant’s gourmet burgers. These, as well as the seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients that continue to be worked into the restaurant’s menu, are part of Back Table’s commitment to bring freshly-made foods and vibrant flavors to the table. 

“One of our sayings in the kitchen is that we’re cooking like Mom used to make back on the ranch,” said Morris, and that’s the essence of what Back Table is offering—a taste of home that transcends the ordinary.



  • Guests can enjoy expansive views of the resort golf course from the main dining room, the bar and the patio.

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