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Friends Who Give to Their Community


The Vinings Village Woman’s Club is celebrating 40 years of friendship. The Club’s mission is to expand opportunities for friendship within the Vinings Village, along with support civic and cultural activities and beautification of the entrances of the village.  

Libby Eubank, the mother of Janet Dickerson, was one of eight founding members in 1978. Janet picked up the torch from her mother and thoughtfully designed a lasting tribute in the form of a charm to commemorate the Club's first 40 years. 

Janets design drew upon the roots of Vinings’ early and most famous resident, Hardy Pace, who lived on Vinings Mountain.  

  • The top of the shield shape represents the Chattahoochee River current, defining the south side of Vinings.
  • The inverted V represents Vinings Mountain.
  • Four circles, called “bezants,” are icons commonly used in family shields meaning "one worthy of trust and treasure." These represent 40 years of friendships through VVWC.
  • The Gillyflower at the bottom of the shield has eight petals representing the eight founders and the beautification VVWC has brought to Vinings.
  • The back of the charm has "VVWC, est. 1978."

Proceeds from the sales of the charm go to the charities supported by the Vinings Village Woman’s Club.