From California to Franklin

How a Series of Events and a Lot of Faith Helped a Family Find Their New Path

Gregg Redmond, California born and raised, explained how a calling led him to move to Franklin to open up Sage Sleep Organics. A faith-based family, they listened when it came.

Comfortably retired, the Redmond family had plans to move, but they weren’t sure where to go. When his niece, also living in California, informed Gregg that she was moving to Williamson County in Tennessee, Gregg and his wife, Pam, decided to check it out. That was in the fall of 2017. 

He and Pam flew into Tennessee in January 2018 to meet with a real estate agent on Main Street in Franklin. Before leaving for the meeting, Gregg received an email from someone in his prayer network who had a dream that this coming season was all about the number 5 for him.

“My wife, Pam, and I then left and followed our GPS, which took us down this alleyway. After we parked, we walked out to the corner of Fourth and Main, and when I looked up, I saw a restaurant. The name of the restaurant was 55 South,” Gregg says.

After returning home, the couple exchanged Christmas gifts with their neighbors. One of them gave Gregg an organic pillow. The neighbor knew Gregg had issues with his neck from a car accident in 1972.

“I could never get a good night’s sleep; I would always wake up. I used the pillow, and that night, I slept all night long and then the next night as well,” Gregg says.

In March 2018, he went to Hawaii and brought the pillow with him. While there, he had a dream that he was standing on Main Street in Franklin with his pillow.

“I asked Daddy [the name he uses for God] if he was calling us to come out of retirement and open up an organic bedding store in Franklin,” he says.

Gregg knew there was a long wait for property on Main Street, but he had faith. In October, he received a call from a realtor in Franklin who was friends with the owners of Philanthropy, a faith-based clothing store located on Main Street. They were looking to give up their two smaller stores.

On Jan. 1, 2019, the Redmond family took possession of the property at 434 Main St. at Five Points and opened their store. The building itself is called the Five Points Place building. Besides mattresses and pillows, Sage Sleep Organics carries bedding, candles, oils and other organic products for the home.

“We sell product all day, we pray for people every day, and lives are changed in our store every day,” Gregg says.

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