From Health Coach to Cookie Maker

A Q&A with Kooky Cookies Creator Margarita McClure

I have worked with many business owners over the years, and I always enjoy listening to how their business went from an idea to a successful startup. Some entrepreneurs are able to share their own journey in a way that can not only inspire others, but also educate them before they make the decision to start a business. Margarita McClure is a serial entrepreneur, wife, and mom of four. I was excited to go to her Kooky Cookies location to learn more about her business, but as a mom myself there was no way I was going to be able to go there without sharing that sweet experience with my own children. This was a unique opportunity to mix business with pleasure. 

Mital: Why did you decide to start Kooky Cookies?

Margarita: It was during the school closures for Covid, and at the time I was working as a weight loss coach. My clients were not following the plan and emotional eating seemed to be the reason. I wanted to create a cookie worth those calories. I was also at home with my four children -- Jacob, Nathan, Isabella and Joshua -- and the lockdown motivated me to show my children the practical applications for what they were learning, as well as how to grow a business from scratch. They were involved in the entire process as we created delicious stuffed cookies with gluten free, vegan and high protein options.

M: Your health coach and culinary background helped with your product, but how did you scale your business model?

M: First was selecting a name that was easy to pronounce and catchy enough to remember. The color scheme, logo, and packaging followed. I wanted packaging that looked professional, not your typical home baked goods options. This is where I invested money in stickers, labeling, and boxes. I also created appealing photos and video of the cookies to reach my customers. Next was creating my website, which I maintain to date. I wanted the same professional look of the packaging to be reflected on my website. 

Second, I started my marketing with just my Facebook page. I made more in sales in the first four weeks than I did in three months of health coaching. It was clearly time to move the business out of my house, so I built a commercial kitchen and eventually a storefront. This was also around the time I started marketing my business to corporate event, gifting, and nationwide shipping. Marketing has since grown to more social media platforms, billboards, and radio.

M: I advise business owners about legal formations and liability protections, but from your perspective what advice would you give? 

M: (1) Have a bigger vision in mind than just the individual client; (2) First impressions matter, so make it count; (3) Build trust with your customer, be authentic, and stand out from your competition. 

I am sure Margarita and I could have talked for hours about this successful business of hers, but it was time for me to be the judge and enjoy a sweet treat. Learn more about Margarita’s story and the cookie options at KookyCookie.com. 

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