Meet Nicole DiGiacobbe of The Digi Girls

Helping Moms Create Beautiful Instagram Memories

Nicole DiGiacobbe isn't just an ordinary influencer. The Delaware born mom of two (soon to be three this June) once competed at Miss USA at age 19, ditched a career in law and later decided to grow her own business while raising two small children. What started as a hobby, her photography blossomed in to a very successful business, where she gives others the tools to pursue their passions too.

Nicole started her career as an influencer in 2015, connecting with other moms, and getting her daughters involved with different childrens’ brands. She secured a few dream partnerships along the way, including doing commercials for Disney, working with Gap, and designing her daughter’s nursery with Pottery Barn Kids.

Nicole moved to Nashville in 2017 for her husband Matt's job. She says, "Matt's job brought us here, but it turns out there was something much bigger in store for us with my business." She has received a lot of support from the local Instagram and blogging community since moving to Nashville and attributes much of her success to the relationships with the women she’s met here.

Nicole says she had a lot of moms reach out to her asking how they too could do similar things with photography and brands. She adds, "I started to see a shift from working with brands to teaching others - giving them the tools to do the same.” She then started a photography membership site where she answered questions on how to take better photos and elevate content. It was short-lived and ended up serving as a stepping stone in the evolution of The Digi Girls. Nicole states, "Moms want a fast, easy way to do things. They don't have time to sit and watch tutorials. So I created an easy one click way to edit photos and make them look professional using just your phone. And the
response was huge."

So huge that Matt left his job for a year to help her grow her business. "He's very analytical and was great on the business side, getting a lot of the systems in place that we needed." They also launched a podcast and recorded a pilot for TV about the business of Instagram. Once close to being picked up, Covid put it on the back burner. 

Nicole has created E-books for brands and E-books for influencers. She knows this business is all about building relationships. Whether you’re an influencer or business owner (or aspire to be!) she’s been on both sides. Her goal is help you pursue your passion, turn up your creativity, and feel confident while you’re at it!

When asked if she ever regretted her decision to leave law, she replies, "I have such a love of photography that even during law school, I spent weekends doing photo shoots. It brought me such joy. I mean, I love what I learned in law school. It taught me to think differently and helps me analyze and negotiate contracts with partnerships, but I could never see myself going back. I feel so blessed that I was able to turn my passion into a career and share my knowledge and lessons learned with others. I will continue to grow my business while raising my babies for as long as I can!”

Instagram: @thedigigirls 

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