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Wisdom for the Ages

Moms Give Advice to Their Daughters, Aged 4, 12 and 24—Showing That Motherly Wisdom Is Valued No Matter Your Age

Jessica Tsoukalas

Occupation: Director of Business Development and Strategy, Bridgeway Senior Healthcare, Bridgewater and Hillsborough,

Daughter: Eliana, 4

Eliana, always treat others with kindness and respect. This was advice instilled in me by your grandparents and has always served me well. It is one of the guiding principles in my life and work at Bridgeway and the Avalon. Our companies have an excellent reputation because we treat our staff with kindness, dignity and respect—and they in turn treat our residents and patients the same way. When you treat others with kindness you will gain their respect.   

You and your brother, Nico, know that “work” is not a phantom place where Mommy goes. You have spent time with me at Bridgeway and the Avalon and have gotten to know the residents and employees. I hope you follow in my footsteps—but if you don’t, you have seen the value kindness has in the business world.

Karen Kwong

Occupation: Owner, Photography by MuSen, Middlesex,

Daughter: Isabella, 12

Isabella, I want you to know that success is based less on luck and talent and more on passion and grit. I have built my photography business while working full-time as an engineer. I am self-taught, but have achieved a certain level of success because photography is my passion and I have a growth mindset. I want you to follow your interests. Do not compare yourself to others or limit yourself. Just keep pursuing your passion and setting goals. By doing this, you will achieve whatever you wish and make a difference. 

Dionne Reliford

Occupation: Co-owner, Next Lash Studio, Hillsborough,

Daughter: Erykah, 24, Co-owner, Next Lash Studio

Erykah, number one: Be honest in all your dealings and have a strong work ethic. Treat people the way you want to be treated—regardless of their background, race or nationality. Embrace the quality of humility. When you have true humility, it is a strength, not a weakness. Humility frees us up from thinking too much of ourselves. It keeps us from having too much pride, too much conceit. Although we all may have different privileges or successes in life, we all need to keep a realistic view of ourselves. That’s what keeps us grounded. Remember to put others before you. When we do that, whether it is with family, friends, colleagues, strangers or the guests that we welcome into the salon, our interactions are so much more meaningful.