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From Neglect to New Beginnings

Volunteer Equine Advocates Journey of Hope and Transformation

Article by Nicole Bell

Photography by Volunteer Equine Advocates

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Celebrating 20 years of equine rescue, Volunteer Equine Advocates is located on a peaceful property right here in Gallain. As a 501c3, VEA works directly with enforcement agencies to help with neglected and abandoned horses, along with other equine cruelty cases across Middle Tennessee. Since 2003, VEA has rescued more than 1,200 horses, mules, donkeys and ponies.

VEA prides themselves on the positive reinforcement training they implement as they teach horses and other animals that have arrived too afraid of human touch to appreciate the love from volunteers. Some of the crucial roles VEA volunteers take on are feeding, grooming, training and fundraiser events as the success of VEA is rooted in local volunteerism.

VEA volunteers come from all walks of life but all have one thing in common: the desire to make positive impacts. From families large and small, to experienced adults and youth groups, to those with no experience with horses and those looking to fulfill their Tennessee Promise hours including scouts and students, every individual who steps foot onto VEA’s property makes a meaningful difference in the lives these creatures who need a caring touch.

Tennessee is the Volunteer State and always carries a strong culture and tradition of community service. Volunteers of VEA become part of this tradition while making a positive impact on the lives of horses in need. Whether you’re an experienced adult looking to share your knowledge or someone without any prior experience but have a passion for helping animals, volunteering with VEA is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in our area.

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