From Ranchers to Real Estate

How One Local Real Estate Company Became an Expert in their Industry

Article by Susan McKenzie

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Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Sarah Woodland comes from a long line of ranchers. Her family owns a ranch near Granby that has been in her family since 1883. In the 1960’s her grandfather started Orr Land Company in Denver. Her father then created a Greeley arm in the 80’s, a legacy she is honored to be a part of. “Ranching is a lifestyle. Growing up in that world certainly gave me a deep respect for the land, and instilled in me a strong work ethic,” Sarah stated. The strong ties she and her family have developed position Orr Land Company into a close-knit and uniquely qualified real estate business. 

While she has deep roots in the Greeley area - living here since she was 5 - Sarah decided she needed a change in temperature so she headed out to California for college to escape the cold. “We’d be out moving cattle and it would be freezing, long days. I promised myself I would move to a beach someday, so the second I was old enough, I moved to San Diego…” Sarah laughed,  “...my college criteria was how close campus was to the beach, and I lucked out that University of San Diego also ended up being a really good school.” 

She spent a total of fifteen years in California, landing at Grubb & Ellis, a commercial real estate firm, in 2005. During that time, she gained experience in varying aspects of real estate including commercial sales, leasing and development. She believes the knowledge she gained at Grubb & Ellis molded her into a more well-rounded real estate agent, which she excitedly brought to Orr Land Company when she moved back in 2016. “The overall experience of leaving, seeing new places, of working for a large corporate firm, was the polar opposite of what I’m doing now. That molded me into a more balanced real estate professional,” she said.

Sarah believes her time away from home allowed her to observe how a corporate firm was running things, and bring some of those practices back on a smaller scale that works for a family business. “The opportunities available through my father and Orr Land Company, particularly with The Cache development, were opportunities I couldn’t pass up,” she said when asked why she moved back, also adding that the experiences she had in California have directly contributed to the success she’s had in her family-owned business.  Sarah splits her business roughly 50/50 between working with buyers and sellers which gives her the added benefit of understanding both sides of the current market. Her clients range from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors, but her goal always remains the same: enhance quality of life while being mindful of the bottom line.

Orr Land Company is the “go-to” for farms and ranches, though their brokers are also well versed in single family residential and commercial transactions. “There are a lot of nuances when it comes to buying and selling farms and ranches. It’s best to work with someone that understands those nuances,” Sarah said. 

Sarah comes from a long line of ranchers and is next in line to take over the company when her father is ready to step down. “I really love what I do, and I appreciate the opportunity to take on the legacy that’s been established by my father, and grandfather before him. I’ll eventually carry the torch and that makes me really proud,” Sarah said.

If you’re in the market for an agricultural property, Sarah shared five things you should consider:

  1. Water Rights

  2. Mineral Rights

  3. Access//Easements

  4. Proximity to Utilities

  5. Zoning Regulations

Orr Land Company is located at 1813 61st Ave. #200, Greeley, CO. 80634. More information can be found on their website, orrland.com, or by calling 970.351.8777.

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