From the Farm to Your Table

Grace Farms offers a weekly 'Green Box' filled with locally-sourced ingredients

Peter M. Deeley Jr.is on a quest to help people eat as many locally- and properly-grown foods as possible. His solution? A weekly Green Box, offered by his company Grace Farms, that is designed to connect people to their local farmers and ranchers.

Every week, the Green Box includes the best local, seasonal and healthy food that is available, explains Deeley, founder of Grace Farms and A Well Run Life. The boxes include a variety of whole vegetables, salads, proteins and a meal tip, which includes the recipe and ingredients. People are encouraged to subscribe for four weeks at a time.

Some Green Boxes also include a health theme, like “How to Boost Your Immune System,” “Gut Health” and “Anti-Aging and Beauty.”

“I have two primary motivations for doing the Green Box. First, I want people to source their food from growers who are growing food properly,” Deeley explains, adding that he feels people can only get this type of food locally because the process of transporting food requires unhealthy growing methods. “Secondly, we believe that the food we eat is the basis of our health. We feel very strongly that cooking will ‘crowd-out’ so many unhealthy food choices. If someone hands you a meal through a window, we think you need to be very suspicious of its effect on your health. However, if you cook your own food, the likelihood that it benefits your health is so much higher.”

By offering the Green Boxes, Deeley says he hopes to also help strengthen the Arizona agricultural community.

“Large non-Arizona companies are selling food boxes that are distributed nationally. The Green Box intends to deepen people’s knowledge of the quality of Arizona food,” he says.

For more information about the Green Box or to place an order, visit AWellRunLifeGear.com or call 602.717.7458.

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