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From the Ground Up

Purchasing a new home is stressful enough, but things were a bit more complicated for these homeowners. Shifting from a traditional Tudor in Mission Hills, the family prepared to move into a modern, new build in Southern Johnson County. Unfortunately, this stark stylistic contrast meant that many of their current furnishings wouldn’t gel within the new space. And while the prospect of a blank canvas can be exciting, it was a daunting undertaking for the homeowner, who logs long hours as a physician. “As a working professional, I didn’t have time to bring together the concept I had for my home. I also did not have the expertise to piece together different components to create a cohesive space that reflected my personality,” she explains. 

Upon finding this dream home, located on a spacious lot backing up to green space, the homeowner and her husband met Stephanie Stroud of Stephanie Stroud Interiors, who was assisting the builder with design. It was a perfect match. “Even though many of the selections had been made before the purchase, after our first meeting, I felt like I had them in mind all along. Our design objectives were perfectly in sync, and transitioning from building selections to furnishing their new home was seamless,” Stephanie says. 

The first step was to meet at the couple’s current home to determine what would or would not be making the trip south. Not only were they shifting to a more contemporary aesthetic, but they were also losing significant square footage. “Listening to my wants and needs was critical to me,” notes the homeowner. “Stephanie diligently took stock of my design wishes while incorporating pieces I already owned to best maximize my budget for new items. The result was a unique blend of contemporary with some classic flair.”

Favorite Space

With its warm and inviting ambiance, clean lines, and upscale style, the homeowner’s favorite space is the living room. “Stephanie provided several plans to choose from and guided me through the process. What resulted was a sophisticated room that served as a gathering place for my family and friends. It’s my favorite room in the house, no question.”

Favorite Accent Piece

Nothing sparks conversation and leaves a lasting impression quite like a work of fine art. And when it came to this new home, there was a large, blank wall that practically demanded one. 

“We needed something to balance the large section of floor to ceiling windows across the room,” Stephanie recalls. “Artwork is not just a way to fill the space—it also is a venue for me to showcase my client’s style.” So, the owner and designer worked together to find a showstopping solution—a custom, nine-piece, black and white abstract oil on canvas. The homeowner was thrilled with the results. “It’s my favorite accent in my home. I provided inspiration photos to Stephanie, and she delivered a design beyond my expectations. Everyone that visits my home compliments this piece, validating its uniqueness.”

A Word of Advice:

For anyone planning a similar move or remodel, this homeowner offers a suggestion: “Stay true to your overall vision while also leaving yourself open to new ideas, concepts and solutions.” 

The partnership between homeowner and designer has resulted in a new build with warmth and character that toes the line between relaxed and refined. This is one dreamy home.

Design by Stephanie Stroud Interiors