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The perfect local jewelry boutique for that special holiday gift.

Article by Justin Schierkolk

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Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

You might know the feeling. That feeling when you open a gift from a loved one, and it is so immediately apparent that thought, love, and time was invested in you. Receiving a gift that is one-of-a-kind, unique to you – the feeling of being loved can be overwhelming. Or maybe you’ve witnessed someone else’s moment. The look on their face. Hands covering their mouth or heart. The gasp, the tears, the hugs, the happiness.

Pure joy.

That feeling. That’s the real gift, isn’t it? And when that same feeling reappears now and then as the years go by, whenever the special item is worn, displayed, or enjoyed by the recipient, the gift becomes evergreen. Even if the moment is fleeting, the memory is re-lived, and a sense of timeless joy can let us experience a glimpse of what heaven just might be like.

Welcome to Jewelfire Diamonds of Broomfield. This fine jewelry boutique specializes in unique pieces not found anywhere else, but more than that, their specialty lies in helping you create that “Ahhh!!” moment when the person you love first opens their special gift.

Walking through the door, you are greeted with a welcome smile by Khristy, Kathy, Stan, or Nancy. Treating people like family isn’t just some cheesy platitude here. It’s genuine. They care about the people of Broomfield. Each of them is filled with stories of how they’ve helped others over the years; whether it was finding the perfect gift for Christmas or Mother's Day, re-imagining a treasured family heirloom with a delicate understanding of its significance, or simply replacing a watch battery. They listen to your needs, but importantly, they understand that the items they help you create have a story, a meaning that goes far beyond gemstones and metal.

These four expert consultants are supported by two outstanding jewelers, Felix and Alejandro. They both work on-location, a huge advantage when it comes to producing high-quality jewelry with speed and accuracy. With careful attention to the smallest details, they turn creative ideas and vision into tangible pieces of unique and beautiful art.

“The custom pieces we create are so much more than jewelry”, says Khristy Nash, the store owner. “Beyond the eye-catching aesthetics and custom design and fit, each piece is meant to tell a story. The heirlooms we create can connect generations.”

Khristy knows jewelry, but perhaps more importantly, she knows people. For over 40 years she has been helping folks just like you find or create jewelry that has personal significance. You can trust her to listen carefully and guide you down the right path.

One recent customer had this to say: “The team at Jewelfire was so helpful and awesome assisting us in our wedding set choices. My ring was a vintage piece passed down from my husband's family, so selecting a reputable jeweler to resize it was very important to us. They did a beautiful job with excellent attention to detail. We also bought my husband’s wedding band from them and they patiently guided us through all of the options for mens bands. I highly recommend them for jewelry care, repair, and purchases!”

Unique, heirloom quality gifts will always be a hit during the holidays, or anytime, for that matter. But, there is one thing that can make it even more special – and that is having it made by local people that, like you, have chosen to make Broomfield home to their business. Please enjoy this gift guide, and let it inspire you to stop by Jewelfire Diamonds of Broomfield this holiday season. They are ready to help you create that “Ahhhh!” moment that will be remembered and shared for many years to come.


hand-made, awe-inspiring gifts

Here are a few of Khristy Nash’s hand-picked selections sure to add extra sparkle to someone’s smile this Christmas.


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