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From the Oven to your Doorstep

Keep your breadbox stocked with fresh deliveries right to your door with Castle Rock’s very own Bread in the Box.

While the town bakery may always be a warming and comfortable experience, one aspect of the walk-in bakery always troubled local baker Camby Hill: not all baked goods can be sold fresh when they’re made in bulk. As a solution, in March of 2015, Camby founded Bread in the Box. “Camby is a natural-born baker,” says Bread in the Box’s current manager, Yolanda. “She sought out to create a more sustainable option that would not jeopardize the quality or freshness. Additionally, we work with local food pantries to donate any extra that we have each week.” It was no easy task, but after plenty of product research, trials of different ingredients, and taste tests with family and friends, Camby not only found the perfect bread recipe but also gained attraction from the Castle Rock community.

Bread in the Box is a very customer-focused business, so the delivery model was formulated to bring customers the freshest bread as possible. Deliveries are made to order, and customers no longer need to worry how long their bread might sit on a bakery shelf. Yolanda also explains, “In these current times, as we live busy, hectic lives, many customers are overjoyed to get a part of their grocery list delivered to their door each week.”

Bread can be ordered online at, and deliveries are sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re in the mood to test out a loaf or two, you can make a one-time order. Otherwise, you can create an account to sign up for a weekly subscription, meaning your bread will be delivered every week automatically. Yolanda shares, “If you or your company is in a giving mood, we also offer special pricing for orders over 50 units to spread the delicious bread and the love!”

This month, try out Bread in the Box’s seasonal Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, and then in December their Braided Cinnamon Bread is a crowd favorite and often ordered as a popular gift. “Personally, one of my favorites is the June Specialty Lemon Bread, it is fresh and deliciously sweet,” recommends Yolanda, “and our most popular bread is our classic, Country White, as people love the ‘baked at home by grandma’ taste.”