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Love is in the Air….

We are now into the swing of 2022—it’s February and we have settled in and are working on the things we said we’d focus on for the New Year. How is that going? Check in on it. Does it still make sense? Things change, and that’s okay. The most important thing is to stay focused. Love is a huge part of this… self-love; love for life; and love for family, friends, and furbabies. My life motto is and remains to be… all you need is love (yes, the line made famous by the beloved Beatles). I know this to be true. No matter what your situation is, at the end of the day it comes down to love. It feeds us, it fuels us, it keeps us honest and pure. Never lose sight of love!

Obviously, love is a focal point in February because of the “Hallmark holiday” we all recognize as Valentine’s Day. Maybe take another look and use this time as an excuse to get back to the basics and what we all need…love.

I love what I do! Our connection to the community is strong, and we appreciate that. We are grateful for those whose stories we get to share! We love that we help businesses connect and thrive in our community! On that note, let’s give a warm shout-out to some of the stories we get to share in this month’s issue of Paradise Valley City Lifestyle.

First, our cover story is all about a long-standing local event to Arizona, Celebrity Fight Night, now in support of Gateway for Cancer Research. Hear from its musical director, David Foster. Hear from actress and philanthropist Jen Lilley on her support of locally based nonprofit organization Childhelp. And, discover the best restaurants to enjoy a romantic meal at with your Valentine this year! Lastly, learn about some amazing Arizona wineries to try.

We hope you enjoy our February issue—Love Local!

Be grateful, be kind, and live well!

Tammy Fellows,


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