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I don’t know about you, but the day after Thanksgiving, I begin to blast the holiday tunes. It always puts me in the best mood! It tends to drive my kids a little nuts, but I can’t help it. The holiday spirit is floating around everywhere you turn … ’tis the season to be jolly! The holidays are my favorite time of year, so much hustle and bustle, festive events, holiday lights, delicious food, divine cocktails, endless traditions, and of course, fun times and traditions with friends and family.

Some of my favorite traditions include the following.

The night of Thanksgiving we do a family ornament exchange, and each person brings an unmarked wrapped tree ornament. It is a game of acquiring your favorite ornament with three possessions and two steals allowed as they get unwrapped. Another tradition takes place on the morning of Christmas Eve. We gather with family for a wonderful breakfast and then pack up family meals that we shopped for earlier and create an assembly line to put them all together, then we drive to find those in need to hand them out—it feels so good! Lastly, on the night of Christmas Eve, we always give our boys new pj’s to sleep in, and my husband and I exchange them for each other, as well!

I hope you can find the spirit of the holidays. If you need encouragement, check out the famous movie Scrooged, starring Bill Murray (one of my favorites). At the end of the movie, he encapsulates so well the true meaning and joy that can come this time of year. It is so magical, and he is right—we can all have this joy, every day, all year long!

We hope you enjoy the magic of the holiday season!

Be grateful, be kind, and live well,

Tammy Fellows


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