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To new beginnings …

Ah … January! For many, New Year’s resolutions are set; goals, aspirations, self-improvement, and change are the focus. For me, it’s more than that. I see myself and all of us really, constantly evolving. There is no appropriate time or need to wait to start your shift. Jan. 1 is simply when people tend to choose it.

I have something for you—it’s a gift that I received from my grocery store cashier, Marlene.

One day in December last year, I stood in her line as I had many times before, and she suddenly said to me (as I gazed in autopilot), “Do you make new year’s resolutions?”

I said back to her, “You know … honestly, I don’t. They never seem to work out for me, and then I just feel disappointed in myself.”

She responded back, “I have something for you.”

I waited in anticipation of what she would say next.

“It’s a book. It’s called ‘One Word.’ Have you heard of it?”

I replied, “No, what is that?”

She begins to explain in her own words the concept of the book, which in a nutshell, is really about finding one word (actually, the word finds you) that resonates with you for a whole year. It’s what you live by; it’s what you pay attention to in all that you do on a daily basis.

I was fascinated and thanked her for her insight, as it made so much sense to me.

I immediately got to my car, loaded up my groceries, pulled up Amazon, and bought the book. When it arrived, I soaked it up like a sponge. It’s a very quick, digestible, and easy read.

The word that found me, was “discover.”

For all of 2022 I had this word saved as my home screen photo on my phone, so I saw it multiple times each day. I realized that by integrating just this one word for an entire year—the things I learned and opened myself up to—my growth was exponential!

I share this with you only to give you a new way to look at change and growth. It may not be as simple as setting a goal and achieving it. Sometimes you have to look at the whole picture and live it every day.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, and may you live a life that is in constant evolution.

Be grateful, be kind, and live well,

Tammy Fellows