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I dedicate this letter to all the ladies out there. This one’s for you! Let’s face it, women are nothing short of amazing.

As I sat down to write this, I began to reflect on just how grateful I am for all the women in my life. They are all such a gift to me! I am all about women's empowerment and feel strongly that women need support from women more than anything else. Inclusion, acceptance, love, and encouragement is such an important piece to all that women contribute to this world.

As a little girl, I was fortunate enough to have a loving, supportive, and encouraging mom. She always made me feel like I could achieve anything I could dream up. I have two older sisters who have both served as role models and examples for me, which has most certainly helped me on my path, as well!

Women play many roles in life. I am … a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, friend, colleague, business owner, and entrepreneur. In each of these roles, I feel tremendous gratitude toward the women in my life who have helped shape and influence my choices to be happy, loving, gracious, intentional, confident, fun, silly, compassionate, honest, open, humble, and kind.

I owe so much of my approach to life to the women I surround myself with. There is nothing better than a solid foundation of friends and family who are your consistent cheerleaders!

For that, I am humbled and grateful. Thank you, ladies, for loving each other so much!

Be grateful, be kind, and live well,

Tammy Fellows