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This one’s for the guys …

As I sat down to write this, I took a moment to think about all the amazing men I have around me in my life. First, I am lucky enough to have two fathers, both of whom have played very different roles in my life in wonderful ways. I have two amazing brothers who are some of my best friends, both growing up and still today. I am married to my very best friend and life partner, who is always supporting, loving, and challenging me to be the best version of myself. Together we have built a brood of four boys of which are my biggest teachers in life! Don’t forget my late grandfathers, whose unconditional love and affection were magical for me!

I am so very grateful for the male energy I get to experience in those closest to me.

It is so important to recognize those men, young and old, who we get to experience throughout life, every day, as they are the yin to our yang. After all, men are from Mars … which really is a beautiful thing!

I dedicate this letter to all the guys out there who bring beauty to this world in the best of ways. The dads, grandfathers, sons, brothers, and friends—here’s to you!

Be grateful, be kind, and live well!

Tammy Fellows


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