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The love of animals….

As I write this, I see my sweet pup Roo (our rescue cattle dog, and my shadow), who is typically lying at my feet. I smile as I think about the unconditional love our household creatures give my whole family! Most of you know we have four amazing boys, but rarely do I speak of our loving fur babies!

Roo, who is just over a year now, is a ball of joyous energy and is never far from me—cloning the behavior of our late pup, Ace, who lived 15.5 years.

We also have our beautiful blue-eyed Ragdoll cat, Ash (about 2 years old now), who is a fluffy bundle of purring love who can play hard to get.

We get a kick out of the two of them, who play together … yes they actually wrestle and play, which is so much fun to watch and see their affection for one another. Our boys are constantly cuddling them, too, as we are all true animal lovers at my house!

As we dive into this month's issue, which is focused on kids, pets, and family, we hope you give a little extra love to the youth and sweet fur babies you share your life with! I can most definitely say they bring so much love and joy to ours.

Be grateful, be kind, and live well,

Tammy Fellows


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