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I’ve never been an athlete or excited about exercising. My little sister was a top-ranked gymnast, track-and-field athlete, and a cheerleader. Me, I was the one on the bench cheering her on. Okay fine, I was typically complaining about having to spend my Saturday’ traveling for all her sports.

I’d find some workout classes and gyms to go to but was never passionate about anything when it came to exercising and sports. 

Then I met my husband who grew up in Boulder, Colorado, doing all things outdoors. He’s an ultra trail runner, snowboarder, mountain biker, road biker, hiker, and really anything else outdoors that he can do. Ever heard of opposites attract?! 

I slowly started to try new things just to spend more time with him. We started hiking together on weekend trips. We are so lucky to have the amazing trails all around here to fulfill my passion for hiking. Growing up in the South, skiing/snowboarding are non-existent. But at the young age of 35, I started snowboarding for the first time. Now we spend every weekend at Snowbowl and take a ski vacation each winter. I’ve absolutely jumped on the pickleball bandwagon and play every Monday morning with the same group of ladies for the past three years. I go on lots of long walks and found some HIIT classes I really enjoy, too. Still, I will never enjoy running, mountain biking, or road biking—some things my husband can have for himself! But his passion for being active and finding something to do has influenced me to get out and try new things. And lucky for him, our kids really enjoy all kinds of biking with him. 

There are so many different ways to be healthy these days. Many more options than we had growing up. Try something new this year! Find a new trail, new workout class, or activity. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.  

Happy New Year!

Alicia Haygood

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