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Scottsdale is so unique in that it is truly a melting pot of people and families. When we think of home, it tends to be the place where we grew up. I know I still call Georgia home, as that’s where I was raised, my family still resides, and we go visit more than any other place each year. But, when it comes to home for my family, that’s right here in Scottsdale.

My husband and I used to move a lot. We lived in six states in 10 years. Nothing ever felt like home as we knew it was always temporary. But when we moved to Scottsdale in 2019, we started using the word “home” for the first time. There is something special about this city that makes me never want to leave. For my husband and I, it’s kind of scary to think that this might be it for us. To lay roots here for our family to grow and have a forever community—the same way my husband and I were raised. 

As I celebrate another year around the sun this month, I’m excited to have a forever home. A place where I, too, will grow personally and professionally. While we have no immediate family close by, we have friends who are now family. We’ve created friends whose parents treat my kids like their own grandkids. To me, home is where I feel loved and safe. Home is where the heart is. And while that can be anywhere, for me, it’s right here in Scottsdale.

Love to you all, 

Alicia Haygood


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