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Like most women, I love the feeling of something new. Whether it’s materialistic, like clothes, jewelry, or shoes, or the feeling of a new friendship, satisfaction from a new restaurant, or experience from visiting a new town here in Arizona, it’s the newness that makes it all so memorable. 

This issue is about different ways to invest, from Laura Madden’s investing in upcycled art to Jennifer Cardone on how to save for your future or investing in our community through local charities. There are so many ways you can invest. 

We are a community that thrives on our small business. It’s why I invested in this publication. I wanted to give back to our community by featuring all the wonderful people, places, and events here in Scottsdale. I wanted to showcase our small-business owners to support them when it comes to investing in our lives. From local insurance agents to artists, restaurants, charities, and more, there is so much to invest in right here in our backyard. 

As we wrap up Scottsdale’s busy season, think about how you are going to invest in the community. Because when we invest in where we live, we invest in a better life for ourselves all around. 

Love to you all, 
Alicia Haygood