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This issue is probably the most handsome publication in Scottsdale, with our cover story on actor Colin Egglesfield, to the story on retired MLB player Todd Stottlemyre, to local chefs, doctors, and more. We are so lucky to have all these men in our community.

Growing up in an all-female household, pets included, I tended to have more male friends than female. There was something about the carefreeness of my male friends' outlook on life that I appreciated. Even my first job was in the male-dominated sports industry. Just me and boys, each and every day.

My dad, husband, and son—the three biggest male influences in my life—teach me lessons each day. They teach me how to see things differently. They can all take me on crazy adventures and really bring out the fun in life. These men influence me and encourage me to live my dream, no matter what I want to do. Yes, even my not-so-little boy can influence me these days. 

Cheers to all the incredible men in this issue and in our community. And a big cheers to the men in my life. May you all find time to be spoiled this month. 

Happy Father’s Day, 

Alicia Haygood