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I absolutely LOVE to travel and explore. I’m the person who can start to get cranky if I don’t get a weekend away every now and then. While I love a big vacation (manifesting a trip to Greece), exploring our great state can bring me just as much joy. 

I had never been to Arizona before my family and I moved here five years ago. All I knew was that it was a hot desert with cactus everywhere. Five years later and those are probably the last things I think about when it comes to Arizona. Okay, okay—except for the next three months of course. But seriously, this state is a hidden gem full of tiny art towns, Wild West saloons, and a big city feel. Any kind of vibe I want I can find here in Arizona. 

To me, traveling is an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. Try new cuisines, new nightlife, people, and cultures. See things from a different perspective. And you can do all of that right here in our backyard. From staycations at the amazing resorts, North to the forest and cooler temps or down South where cultures start to collide. I’ve lived in seven states in almost all the regions of the USA and to me, Arizona really has it all. 

Go out this month and see something new. Whether you lived here your whole life and haven’t seen the Grand Canyon (I’ve gone twice) or to the small town of Tombstone and the Wild Wild West shootout. There is much to see in Arizona. Explore! Your soul will thank you later.

Happy travels,

Alicia Haygood