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On my long road trip this summer I got a chance to visit so many fun places and see lots of people from all walks of life—always a highlight when I travel. It became obvious to me that style is truly unique to each person and their way to express themselves. There are those who always seem cool, casual, with a unique flare, and always look the most comfortable in their skin. Then there are those who are quite bold and like to make a statement. And, of course, some prefer to look put-together and sharp all the time.

I will admit, fashion and style aren’t really my strong suit … however I always admire those who always look great, comfortable, and feel natural. For me, most of the time I stick to the old faithful ensembles that fit me best. I do try and am always open to advice as I am certainly no fashionista!

This month’s issue really brings out the style in our community. We are showcasing lots of fun looks and fashions that are sure to catch your eye. Fall is typically the time when people transition to new trends and refresh their wardrobe.

We hope you enjoy what we have to share with you this month! Happy shopping!

Be grateful, be kind, and live well,

Tammy Fellows

Owner, Publisher