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I’m hungry…

As you may recall I am an Arizona native, having grown up in the heart of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. As a kid, going out to eat as a family was always a treat. Some of my childhood staples include Bobby McGee’s, Ed Debevic’s, Farrell’s, and let’s not forget dessert at the Sugar Bowl, Yummy’s Yogurt, and Thrifty’s Ice Cream! I am sure for those from this area, these names stir up fond memories of what it was like here in the past …

It really is incredible to see how in recent years the local dining environment has grown so much that it is now sought out by people from all over the country. Arizona has evolved into a destination for food and genuine culinary experiences. Today, we certainly have no shortage of places to expand our palate and try new things!

This month’s Issue is full of delicious eye candy that is sure to make you salivate. We also had a great time sitting with the fun-loving, witty, down-to-Earth couple and Arizona residents Rob and Patricia Schneider. They shared with us the love for their new home in Arizona, as well as their experience filming the locally based movie Daddy Daughter Trip, which hit theaters on September 30. This is a light, funny, and charming film, which includes several Arizona landmarks you will recognize!

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue—happy reading!

Be grateful, be kind, and live well,

Tammy Fellows