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We are in a unique time. I’m not sure about you, but I believe that the stars align in specific ways that can certainly have an effect on things. For me, it's a shift in connection and awareness. I recently found my word for the year. The word I embrace and practice daily is “discover.” The best part about it is I am truly learning and discovering so much!

As I write this I have a clear mindset on what is possible. This mindset stems from my daily meditation practice. The best thing about it is that it lends itself to opportunity and genuine openness to the people and things in the world around me that matter most. It’s as if a shift has happened and people—myself included—are waking up to their surroundings and connecting with those who resonate with this. Without trying to sound overly "kumbaya," there really seems to be an energy shift towards people connecting, and it is refreshing.

I encourage you to find solace in this time and seek out true connection, to the community, the people, and the things that bring you joy. Be sure to stop and smell the roses!

As for this month's issue…

Our cover story is all about the Arizona native and “triple-threat” talent, Alexandra Shipp! You will learn all about her path to stardom. You will also see a very unique architectural project with a 3D-printed home, designed by Candelaria Design Associates in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity! And, be whisked away to the renowned Castle Hot Springs.

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We hope you enjoy. Happy reading!

Be grateful, be kind, and live well!

Tammy Fellows,