From Traps to Tables

Discover the Truluck’s Arboretum dedication to consistently elevating your dining experience

At Truluck’s, while enjoying live music from local performers, you get to delight in the ocean’s finest seafood. That includes first-class options like South African lobster tails and prime king crab legs, as well as their seasonal Florida stone crab available in all sizes until May.

There is so much behind the scenes that goes into their culinary excellence. For the Arboretum location, it’s all about joining forces with those who seek the magic. That magic begins right from when their team of generational professionals source their ingredients, with a promise to never serve endangered, overfished species.

“Our business model itself is one of sustainability. Any time you can bring something good to your business that isn’t necessarily about the bottom line is very motivating,” says Operating Partner Riley Hutton. “The biggest thing is to continue to find people that care. All concepts are really good on paper, but it depends on the people you choose to execute that concept.”

Although the North Austin landscape continues to see significant changes, Truluck’s maintains its steady presence. There are members of the Arboretum crew who have been with the restaurant for over two decades. One of their most tenured cooks put his kids through college and has been able to work alongside them.

“The culture here is extremely inviting. We have people who come in here to eat just to see the people that work here,” says Executive Chef Daniel Gregan. “I didn’t even think twice about coming on board at Truluck’s. There have been a lot of opportunities for me here and I’m very grateful. This restaurant is my second home and I spend so much time with the guys in the back that they are like my second family.”

As a privately held restaurant group, Truluck’s is beholden to its customers and staff rather than investors. For that reason, they have a commitment to sharing in special moments and spreading joy day after day.

“I was a guest of Truluck’s long before I worked here. This was my place to come for Valentine’s Day, four years in a row, and my girlfriend and I looked forward to every time we came here,” says General Manager Michael Tobias. “I’ve had three people who have come in for their anniversary that have also gotten proposed to or married at Truluck’s. We get to be involved in some of the best occasions that happen in people’s lives.”

Given its status as a high-end trendsetter that doesn’t shy away from adventure, Truluck’s levels up any occasion with fresh oysters flown in daily, hand-cut steaks, and an array of wine. That includes celebrations for new jobs, birthday parties, and gender reveals. And although Truluck’s Arboretum is only open to the public for dinner, you can book a private lunch event to achieve an even more intimate experience.

“I’ll work to address every last detail, from A/V equipment, to floral arrangements and decor, to a fully customized menu prepared by your own chef,” says Sales & Events Manager Misty Montague. “We will make the event process seamless, from the planning stages through to the day of your event, so that you can relax and enjoy!”

At 10225 Research Blvd Suite 4000, Truluck’s Arboretum is ready to host your romantic date night or group outing! Reserve a table now at trulucks.com.

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