From Voorhees, NJ to the NY Giants!

NY Giants captain, Logan Ryan’s advice on health, wellness, and mindfulness.

What does health & wellness mean to you? “It’s a lifestyle. I encourage everyone to have a fitness routine. For my job, I must stay fit. I go to our gym at least three times a week. I do Yoga and Pilates outside of our gym, to stretch and for mindfulness. The brain is your most important muscle to perform. I try to bring balance, a combination of stretching, lifting weights and the mindfulness to be positive.”

What is your favorite workout? “Core and cardio. You’ve got to train your heart. I do a lot of planking. I stretch in Yoga and Pilates to strengthen my core. I love HIIT training. I do a lot of running in the off-season and in-season. My advice cardio-wise…is your lift should be cardio. When I go to the gym, there is no cell phone, no breaks. I’m working hard for the entire hour. “

How do you stay motivated? “When I’m at the gym with the guys in the weight room, we have music blasting, we’re competing, lifting weights. In football, we have to be really good athletes and we have to move our bodies in a certain way. I do different kinds of training to keep my body limber for football. It’s not just weights.”

What nutritional plan do you follow? “I’m a pescatarian. I eat a lot of seafood and maybe chicken two times a week. Healthy choices. If I have a cheat day, I may eat fried food or a dessert. I’m not super strict and count calories, just be mindful of what I put in my body.” 

How old were you when you got started in sports? “My older brother played football. When I was 8, his coach said to me, ‘why don’t you play?’… I’ve been playing football ever since, 22 years of my life! I played AAU basketball and traveled the country from 7th to 10th grade. Honestly, playing multiple sports is the reason why I’m an NFL football player today. If you only play one sport, you’re wearing out the same joints, and your body doesn’t last. Some of the best NFL players were drafted for different sports or didn’t play football until high school.” 

Your best advice: “Take things one step at a time. I went to a big high school. I was on the freshman team. I wasn’t on varsity and made varsity my sophomore year. Junior year, I was the starting quarterback. At Rutgers, I wanted to be the best player on the team. I was drafted by the New England Patriots in my third year of college. Here I am the captain of the NY Giants!” 

Logan also gives back. Check out the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation (RARF.org).  

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